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ICET Exam Syllabus

Here you will get Syllabus for ICET Exam 2014. 

ICET Exam Syllabus :-
Section-A: Analytical Ability: Total 75 Questions - 75 Marks
Data Sufficiency: 20 Questions (20 marks)
Problem solving 55 Questions (55Marks) :- Sequences and series 25 Questions(25marks), Data Analysis 10 Questions(10Marks) , Coding and Decoding problems: 10 Questions(10Marks) , Date, Time & Arrangement problems: 10 Questions (10Marks) 
Section-B Mathematical Ability: Total 75Questions - 75Marks
I. Arithmetic Ability: 35 Questions (35Marks):- Rational number; ordering; Percentages; profit and loss; partnerships, pipes and cisterms, time, distance and work problems; areas and volumes, mensuration, modular arithmetic
II. Algebrical and Geometrical ability: 30 Questions (30Marks):- Statements, truth tables, implication, converse and inverse, tautologies-sets, relations and functions; polynomials; remainders theorem and consequences; linear, Equations and inequations; modulus; quadric equations and expression; progressions; progressions; binomial theorem , matrices notion of a limit and derivative. 
III. Statistical Ability:- Frequency distribution, mean , median, mode, standard deviation, correlation, simple problems probability. 
Section C - Communication Ability: Total 50 Questions - 50 Marks
Objective of the Test
Candidates will be assessed on their ability to
1. Identify vocabulary used in the day-today communication.
2. Understand the functional use of grammar in day to day communication as well in the business contexts.
3.Identify the basic terminology and concepts in computer and business context(letters, reports,memoranda,agenda, minutes etc).
4. Understand written text and draw inferences
Part 1. Vocabulary 10 Questions (10Marks)
Part 2. Business and computer terminology 10 Questions(10Marks)
Part 3. Functional Grammar 15 Questions (15Marks)
Part 4. Reading Comprehension (3 Passages) (15Marks)
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